Our Philosophy

At SANA, we believe everything is connected. That every decision we make has an impact, and the food we eat today affects our health tomorrow.

We know firsthand that how and where we grow food and the ingredients we choose, affect the future of our planet. Once we awaken to this interconnectedness, we can begin to transform our health and the world around us. 

No matter where you are in your personal journey, we’re here to make positive choices easy and accessible. We believe that food should go well beyond being healthy. That it needs to go beyond do no harm. Food has the power to nourish our bodies and nurture our world, so together, we can create a better tomorrow.

Better for everyone
Make plant-focused food more accessible

We create food that meets our consumers’ preferences, their restrictions, and our standard of quality. That means focusing on providing organic food that’s free of gluten, grain, dairy, and refined sugar.

better for our world
Use only low-impact, sustainable crops

We’re creating food in an entirely new way. We start with low-impact and underutilized crops that require less water to cultivate, like coconut and cassava. Then, we transform these humble crops into plant-based, organic, and grain free food that’s so delicious you have to taste it to believe.

better for the industry
Sustainable Packaging

We’re on a journey to continually improve the sustainability of our packaging. We're thrilled that all of our tortilla bags are recyclable. We want to lead the industry in sustainability efforts and ensure our packaging works in concert with our food philosophy and impact on the environment. 

Better for the Mind & Body
Promote a holistic approach to wellness

SANA means “to heal” and “sound in body and mind.” That’s why we believe the food you consume is just the starting point of living a healthy lifestyle. Our products and brand promote behaviors that lead to physical and mental wellbeing.

SANA was born in the kitchens of the Real Coconut restaurant.

Locations in Tulum, Mexico and Malibu, California
Founded by Daniella Hunter

Created initially as The Real Coconut out of a desire to produce food that heals, SANA is driven by a philosophy that’s embodied in the question: 

“How can we care for ourselves at the highest level while also supporting our world?”

Daniella's kitchens support the passion and process of Conscious Cooking: globally-minded, plant-focused food that showcases low-impact alternatives which steer away from the mainstream crops dominating the global agricultural economy.

Our Restaurants

Real Coconut Kitchen

Our restaurants are located adjacent to Sanará resort in Tulum, Mexico, and in sunny Malibu, California. Please visit realcoconutkitchen.com to find out more about our restaurants and to make a reservation.

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