Our Hero Ingredients: Jackfruit

Our Hero Ingredients: Jackfruit

Next up in the series on Hero Ingredients is our tasty friend, Jackfruit. 

Until recently, Jackfruit was largely unknown by Americans. With the expansion of plant-based and vegan diets and consumer packaged goods, it has become a more familiar name over the last few years.

As a tropical fruit with a relatively neutral flavor, jackfruit is an excellent substitute for meat in savory dishes. One of the most striking characteristics of jackfruit is its ability to be “pulled”; not unlike pork, chicken, or beef. This texture and mouth-feel adds to its repertoire as a meat substitute. Though it’s protein content is far less, if you’re exploring a plant-forward or vegan diet and miss the texture of meat, jackfruit is your friend. 

At SANA, we utilize jackfruit in our Grain Free Fajita Burritos. As the first grain free, gluten free, and plant-based burrito on the market, we knew we wanted to create something that could be enjoyed by plant and meat lovers alike. Paired with cauliflower rice, breadfruit (more to come on this!), and other delicious veggies, jackfruit delivers on its claim to fame. 

Beyond the texture and flexibility of jackfruit, it's also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. High in Vitamins C, B, and A, and packed with fiber, jackfruit is a digestive-wellness comrade. 

If you're interested in learning more about the versatility of jackfruit, or you're intrigued by a plant-forward or vegan diet, stay tuned for upcoming recipes! If you'd like to try jackfruit today, visit the Find Us page on our site to locate a retailer near you.