Our Hero Ingredients: Coconut

Our Hero Ingredients: Coconut

It’s pretty easy to see that we're passionate about coconuts at Sana Foods. It’s the staple ingredient in all of our tortillas and helps us create a flavorful and functional product. But apart from using organic coconut flour and oil in our tortillas and burritos, there’s a larger vision for why we use this ingredient. 

At SANA, we believe that everything is connected. That every decision we make has an impact, and the food we eat today affects our health tomorrow. This means choosing ingredients that are not only better for us, but better for our world too. A low-impact plant like the coconut palm is a natural fit, since it produces a nutritionally dense fruit and is typically cultivated without pesticides or herbicides. Additionally, coconuts use a fraction of the water needed to grow compared to almonds, which our competitors use. 

With dozens of known uses, coconuts are one of the most sustainable crops we can utilize. From start to finish, every part of the coconut palm can be utilized. The nectar of the coconut flower can be dehydrated and turned into a 1:1 sugar substitute. The white, fleshy part of a mature coconut can be cultivated and turned into a plethora of products, everything from flour to oil and cream. The internal cavity is filled with coconut water, which is high in electrolytes and often harvested for commercial uses. The husks can be used to make ropes and brushes.

Our sister brand, Real Coconut Kitchen, transforms coconuts into a host of tasty menu items. If you’re interested in learning more, click here! Our co-founder, Daniella Hunter, walks us through the delicious, nutritious menu items made available by coconuts. 

The team at SANA is committed to making plant-based, organic foods more accessible. For this reason alone, we’re grateful for our hero ingredient, coconut.